ppt file compression tutorial?

How to reduce the size of the ppt file? In the high-tech era, various products have emerged, which can help everyone solve all kinds of troubles faster.

When I go to work, I often encounter a trouble, that is, I want to add all elements when making a ppt, but after the production is completed, I find that the memory of the file is too large, and the system often displays a prompt that it cannot be saved, which is really annoying. Very distressed.

I had no choice but to split the ppt, which wasted a lot of precious time. Until today, the editor discovered that the original ppt can be compressed if it is too large. Why didn’t I think of it before? Fortunately, my friends shared this useful tool, which saved me from the torment of ppt production. I will share this method with you below!

What kind of tool can make a ppt file that is too large smaller?

The editor shared here is the quick compression. After friends shared it, the editor compresses many ppts that take up a lot of memory. Fortunately, this tool supports batch operations and the compression speed is very fast, which is really a lot of peace of mind.

Step 1: Get a Compression Tool

How to find this tool? You only need to open the computer browser, enter the tool name above in the search box, find the official website on the page that comes out, and click Get it.

Step 2: Select “PPT Compression”

Open the tool and select “PPT Compression” on the home page to enter the operation interface of ppt file compression.

Step 3: Add files

The interface after entering is as shown above. Click on the place circled by the red box, and add the ppt file that needs to be compressed. You can also drag the file directly from the computer desktop. It can be seen that there is an introduction under the operation name, “The document is slimmed down and the definition is high”. Is the effect really like this? Don’t hesitate, let’s try it now

Step 4: Click “Start Compression”

After the ppt file is imported, in the “General Settings”, you can fill in the compression and saving settings options according to your needs. Finally, click “Start Compression” to compress the file. After a while, ppt compression can be completed. Let’s see if the original ppt file that was too large has become smaller!

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