PPT commonly used tricks and matting skills

We know that the most amateur cutout is to use Photoshop, but not everyone can master such a huge software. Using the function of PPT itself is the fastest way.

manipulating the pace

First, pull out a picture

Use the “free curve” to outline the surface of the department to be deducted, and in essence, use a variety of colors to cover up the unneeded department

By adjusting the curve control points, the edge of the graph is refined, because the workload is large, only the parts circled in red are done.

At the same time, select the solid color shape and the image below, cut, select and paste as a PNG format image

Configure transparent colors, everyone understands

This kind of method is used in the absence of PS, and the quality of the cutout is flawed (mostly the results of the 03 version), but it can also be used.

PowerPoint 2010 has its own command to remove the background, but sometimes it is not easy to use, you can use this method.

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