Description of the problem: After I inserted the background music into the PPT document, I could hear the sound normally on this computer, but the same file was copied to other people’s computer but the sound could not be heard. What is the reason for this and how to solve it?

The perfect solution for playing PPT documents in different places without sound

Troubleshooting: The same PPT document can hear the sound on this machine but not on other people’s machines. This is because when adding background music to the PPT document on the local computer, PPT will remember the specific music files. address (such as “D:\courseware\background music.mp3”), but there is no specific directory and related background music in other people’s computers, of course, no sound can be heard.

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The solution is very simple: copy a PPT document (such as “courseware.ppt”) and related background music to the “D:\courseware” directory, then open the PPT document “courseware.PPT”, copy the “D:\courseware” “The background music in the directory is added. Select all the files in the “D:\Courseware” directory and right-click them, select “Add to Compressed File”, and follow the prompts to create a self-extracting file; The following notes:






The perfect solution for playing PPT documents in different places without sound

Finally, click the “OK” button. After completing the above operations, double-click the generated self-extracting file “Courseware.exe”, “Courseware.ppt” will run automatically, and the background sound inserted into the PPT document can be heard normally.

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