Parents, do you want to know how to customize the ribbon in PPT? The following is a tutorial on how to customize the ribbon in PPT. Come and see, I hope it can help you!

Tutorial on how to customize the ribbon in PPT

      1. In the first interface that opens. Click on the file and select ‘Options’ from the popup menu.

      2. In the pop-up PPT properties window, you can see the options on the left, select “Customize Ribbon”. The main tab on the right will display the functions that exist in the current ribbon. Click ‘New Tab’, or right-click ‘New Tab’ in the main tab list.

      3. The area enclosed by the red border as shown in the figure can now be seen that it has been built. It still has no naming and function options.

      4. Now change the name for it. According to the order of New Tab >> New Group, left-click to select the unnamed option, right-click to rename, and fix their names.

Tutorial on how to customize the ribbon in PPT
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      5. After the name modification is completed, you can add functions. Select the column of the new group in the main tab on the right, select the desired function in the command on the left, and click Add. When the addition is complete, close the tab.

      6. After completion, you can see the custom added functions in the ribbon.

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