How men can improve sexual function

Why do men value their sexuality so much? Good sexual ability is one of the important signs of masculinity. Having superhuman sexual ability can satisfy men’s desire for conquest and greatly enhance men’s self-confidence and self-esteem. This is a “role” requirement that is difficult to get rid of.

Therefore, some men feel “can’t lift their heads” due to problems such as weak erection and short sex time. Recently, the American “Men’s Health” published a cover article pointing out that some small changes on weekdays can help men improve their sexual function and become more powerful and masculine.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight.

Maintaining a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) helps men look handsome. Darius Pedy, an andrologist at a New York hospital, pointed out that obese men have significantly lower testosterone levels, which can have a major impact on sexual function.

If there is an erection problem, it is recommended to lose weight first.

  1. Get enough sleep.

Studies have found that men have spontaneous penile erections after deep sleep. In general, young men have 7-8 erections per night. The number of erections decreases with age. In healthy and normal elderly people, the number of erections is about 2-3 times a night. However, if sexual function declines and disorders occur, the number of nocturnal erections will decrease or even disappear.

Morning erection is an easily observable indicator of sexual function. If the morning erection in men disappears, it is likely that there is a problem with sleep. Some men have a disturbed sleep cycle due to snoring, resulting in no morning erections. Lack of sleep can also affect sex drive, so men need to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

In addition, you can yawn first when you wake up. Health experts point out that a substance called nitric oxide is produced when yawning, and when it enters the brain, it can control breathing and deliver the necessary energy to the penis.

○ Take a deep breath and yawn. Yawning is accompanied by a deep breath, which can activate the circulation in the body in the morning, generate a large amount of nitric oxide, and transport it to the penis, so that the sexual ability is lit in the morning;

○ Stretching and yawning. When you get up in the morning, your body is still in a semi-sleep state. At this time, you might as well add body movements to the process of yawning, stretch your waist greatly, and exercise your waist strength. In this way, nitric oxide can reach the penis smoothly, and sexual performance is improved.

  1. Keep exercising.

Men who exercise regularly have better sex. On the one hand, exercise is a good way to lose weight and reduce obesity; on the other hand, exercise helps men feel better about themselves and feel more confident when undressed. In addition, exercising and sweating can increase testosterone levels, which greatly increases libido.

In addition to the usual fitness exercises, you can also prolong the erection time by tiptoeing after dinner. When tiptoeing, the muscles behind the calf will contract strongly, which will promote blood circulation, make the blood flow back to the lower limbs more smoothly, and make the penis get blood, thereby prolonging the erection time.

Exactly how to tiptoe to achieve “help sex”?

○ Tiptoe when urinating. Tiptoeing when urinating can make urination more comfortable, while the pelvic muscles will be strengthened, and the thigh strength will be improved, allowing men to play more easily during sex.

  1. Eat healthy.

Lowering cholesterol levels helps boost testosterone levels, so eating a healthy diet is essential. Darius said that high sugar levels in men with diabetes can affect the function of nerves in the penis, and a low-sugar, low-fat diet can help control blood sugar, so that the nerves in the penis can better receive sexual signals.

It is recommended to eat seafood, such as seaweed and fish, for lunch. When men are deficient in iodine and nucleic acid, two trace elements, sexual dysfunction and low libido will occur. Lunch is the perfect time to replenish these nutrients.

○ For lunch, you might as well have a small bowl of kelp soup. Seaweed food is rich in iodine, which is an important element to reduce men’s fatigue and balance men’s sexual function when stressed. Moreover, seaweed has the characteristics of high protein and low fat, which will not cause a great burden on absorption. .

○ Eat a plate of small sea fish at noon every day. Sea fish is rich in nucleic acid, which provides strong support for sperm production and is known as the most natural “sex aid”. Eating a plate of small sea fish at noon every day can ensure the level of nucleic acid in the body and make sperm more active.

○ Oatmeal

A Singapore study showed that eating oatmeal can help relieve symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men. Testosterone levels in adults decline with age, researchers say. Therefore, some middle-aged and elderly men are prone to symptoms such as low libido and erectile dysfunction. Because oats can stimulate the body to release testosterone, long-term use can improve the above symptoms. But the researchers also pointed out that although oatmeal is good, it should not be eaten too much. Excessive consumption of oatmeal may be harmful to the body.

○ Chestnuts

Chestnut’s effect on improving male sexual function is mainly manifested in tonifying the kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chestnuts are sweet and warm in nature, and have the functions of nourishing the stomach and spleen, invigorating the kidneys and strengthening the tendons, etc. It is especially suitable for people with weak waist and knees, insufficiency of waist and feet, frequent urination, and spleen and kidney deficiency caused by kidney deficiency. Sun Simiao, a medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, said that chestnut is the “fruit of the kidney”. Modern research also provides evidence for the health benefits of chestnuts.

The unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals contained in chestnuts have good preventive and therapeutic effects on hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis and other diseases. Therefore, the elderly often eat chestnuts to prolong their life. the goal of. Although chestnuts nourish people, too much raw food is difficult to digest, and too much cooked food is easy to block the stomach. Generally speaking, it is advisable to consume 5-10 chestnuts per day.

  1. Control alcohol consumption.

Moderate and light alcohol consumption can help boost libido, but numerous studies have shown that excessive drinking over a long period of time can cause penis to shrink and shrink. “Alcohol depresses the central nervous system, making men less sensitive to sexual cues,” Darius said.

  1. Great foreplay.

Sex therapist Ian Kerner says one factor that contributes to male penis size is the amount of blood in the penis. This means that the more intense arousal a man receives, the more full his erection will be. Therefore, women may wish to spend more time on foreplay and take the initiative to tease men.

When you are engaged in intimate activities, let your hands be tightly clasped with him, or gently slide over his back, and fiddle with his eyelids and other intimate actions, which can not only fully express your inner delicate and warm feminine characteristics Full of emotion, it can increase the “current” interaction between the two parties, and push the intimate atmosphere to a climax!

  1. Exercise key parts.

When a woman contracts the pelvic floor muscles during sex, it increases the good feeling of the penis and makes it more powerful. Men can also exercise the muscles near the penis by exercising the levator ani to make sex more powerful.

○ Raise anus on the bed. Lie flat on the bed, fold your abdomen, and do the levator ani movement when you feel your lower back pressing against the bed surface, you can get a good exercise effect. It is recommended to practice once every other day, 3-5 groups each time, each group of 8-12, perseverance will see results. If you have the conditions to go to the gym, you can choose a leg press machine to practice.

  1. Reduce masturbation.

The study found that a few days after men who masturbated regularly stopped masturbating, their penis became more engorged and larger when they were sexually stimulated.

  1. With the help of sex toys.

Appropriate use of sex toys can make up for the lack of erection in men and make women feel good. Don’t be overly dependent on toys, though, and occasional use works best.

  1. Don’t blame yourself.

Men don’t have to blame themselves for problems with the penis, and women don’t have to worry about their sexuality. At this time, men should actively adjust, and their partners should be tolerant and understanding, say more words of encouragement, and accompany them to see a doctor.

  1. Focus on heart health.

In older men, erectile dysfunction can be a sign of heart disease. Therefore, it is necessary to have regular physical examinations to take care of heart health.

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