It is the era of informatization now. With the popularity of smart phone applications and live video apps, video live apps realize people’s dream of being an anchor. In the past, if people wanted to broadcast live on the computer, they needed to adjust the video and the microphone. The application program was cumbersome, and sometimes it was difficult to adjust.Compared with computer live broadcast, the development of video live app makes live broadcast more convenient. Users only need to open the mobile phone to live broadcast, which is simple and convenient. In addition, various types of video content are presented in a diversified and convenient manner, which is convenient for users to watch on the mobile client.

The features of live video app development

  • Basic social networking: Being able to send voice, pictures, and text is the most basic function of a social app. Most video social media now have such a function.
  • Private message function: WeChat is best app in this feature. At the beginning, social networking was simply sending texts, and gradually developed into voice, files, calls, videos, etc.
  • Online customer service: Online customer service is very important in the corresponding industries, such as medical care, education, securities development, etc., because customer service can solve users’ problems and needs in a timely manner.
  • Group chat function: Each live chat app can set up a group chat channel, and users can chat together on this channel.

The functional section of live video is also an important part of developing a live video app, and its function section requires special attention. To develop such a live video app software, not only needs to meet the needs of the platform itself, but also needs to meet the needs of users.The functional section of the live video app also needs to have various features, such as: live video classification, online live room management, live interactive communication functions, etc.

What are the forms of live video app development?

The mode of using video terminal to carry out live e-commerce delivery

The current e-commerce live broadcast mode is also a very popular trend. With the help of real-time pictures, users can understand products and choose shopping malls. The live video app developed for various e-commerce platforms can effectively drive the efficiency of product use and allow the platform to gain more users. At the same time, it can also use traffic stars or Internet celebrities to achieve the effect of live video streaming.

Combining the Internet to present various types of entertainment live broadcasts to users

This form is also very common in major entertainment venues, and in the field of live broadcast, due to the different needs of users, the content presented is different, including game live broadcast, outdoor live broadcast, some two-dimensional categories, etc. The development of live video app allows users to present their favorite works through the network, which can not only meet the needs of users for viewing works, but also bring the required user traffic to the platform.

Real-time live broadcast of video to the destination area

Sometimes, certain areas or special events need to be synchronized with certain events, and certain sounds and pictures need to be synchronized so that remote viewers can understand these news information activities that they need to know. The live video app can better meet the needs of users, can better gain the trust of users, and make users have a better impression of the platform.

How to develop and build a video dating live app?

Firstly,cut from the industry field

The development of live dating apps can start from the industry, such as food social networking, beauty and makeup, educational live broadcasting apps, fan alliances, etc. This status depends on their own considerations. In this way, it can avoid the competition of large platforms and tap the precise needs of users.

Secondly, output valuable content

Generally speaking, the value of live app products will continue to increase with the increase in the number of users, product purchase rate, and consumption conversion rate. But at present, the content of many live broadcast mobile app platforms is the same, without nutrition and without its own characteristics. Only as the value of its own products continues to increase and the output of live content is more and more valuable, it can attract more customers and have more loyal customers.

Finally, increase user participation

People will use live broadcast social apps, which is a better way of self-expression on such APPs. Therefore, for live broadcast mobile APPs, their own characteristics are that users can interact and discuss on the platform. In the interaction, stimulate the desire of other users to express themselves. For product development and design, according to the user’s usage habits, a live broadcast APP application with strong interactivity and good performance is designed to enhance the user’s sense of participation.

Video live APP profit model

Advertising model

The advertising model is to charge for the advertisements placed by the partners. According to data, 38% of developers choose to use advertising to generate revenue for their applications. As user experience becomes more and more important, the way of APP advertising is becoming more and more standardized.

Entry mode

The entry mode, as the name suggests, is to provide a fixed entry (equivalent to a channel) for the services of other companies in the APP page to provide long-term stable services. This model is often seen in strong alliances between companies to achieve the goal of complementing each other’s advantages.

Commission mode

Commission, also known as deduction point, is equivalent to the platform fee charged. Common in some applications that provide a platform. Such as Didi Chuxing and Dr. Chunyu.

The commission for this type of platform is about 30% or less. If it is too low, the platform’s revenue cannot cover the operating costs (development of service providers and consumer users, platform construction, etc.) ,so as to flow to competitor platforms, unable to stabilize the team.


When it comes to e-commerce, people naturally think of Taobao and, which is also a consumption method that countless chopping parties love and hate. E-commerce is the online extension of traditional offline channels. In the online world, APP is just a carrier, carrying many commodities and services.

Value-added functions

Applications that provide value-added functions can generally be downloaded for free, and the general function modules are opened up for users to use for free. When users have used them for a period of time, they feel that they are not bad, and they have already relied on the application to a certain extent. In order to unlock more features/usage limitations, a premium version (Pro version) will be purchased.

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