Like any other data on your iPhone, WhatsApp chat messages are important, and these messages may contain precious texts and photos of your loved ones, or a list of useful links you want to recover. Keeping a backup of WhatsApp messages on iPhone is so important that it cannot be ignored. For example, if you are a WhatsApp user, you may lose your WhatsApp data when you reset your iPhone to factory settings, uninstall the app, jailbreak/upgrade iOS, buy a new iPhone 6S/6/SE. You may need to restore WhatsApp history to a backup on your original iPhone or a new iPhone/Android.

iOS Toolkit – iOS Backup & Restore supports to backup and restore WhatsApp data on iOS device or transfer WhatsApp data from iOS device to iOS device or Android device. Users can backup iPhone WhatsApp messages and WhatsApp message attachments, export them to computer and restore the backup to the device. Data includes Whatsapp messages, chat history, photos, videos. You can backup WhatsApp and restore WhatsApp on PC and transfer to any other portable device easily with iPhone Data Recovery, please follow the detailed steps in the tutorial below.

Part 1: Backup iPhone WhatsApp Messages

Step 1:Connect iPhone to Computer

To backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to computer, you need to select “Backup WhatsApp Messages” mode under “More Tools” on the iOS Backup and Restore home page. Connect your iPhone to the computer. Then you will see the program as below.

Step 2:Begin to backup WhatsApp messages

When your iPhone is recognized, you can click “Backup” to start the process.

Once the backup starts, the program will automatically complete the process and when you are prompted that the backup is complete, you will see the window below. Here you can click “View” to check the backup file.

Step 3:Selectively view backup files and export data

If multiple backup files are listed, select the backup file to view.

Then you will see all the details. Select any item to export to computer or restore to iPhone.

Part 2: Recover iPhone WhatsApp Messages

Step 1:Connect iPhone to Computer

To restore WhatsApp messages to iPhone, you need to select “Restore WhatsApp Messages to iOS Device” under “More Tools” on the iOS Backup and Restore homepage. Connect your iPhone to the computer. Then you will see all backup files listed.

Step 2:Restore WhatsApp messages backup to iPhone

You can choose a backup file and click “Next” to restore it directly to your iPhone.

Alternatively, you can choose to view the backup file first and then selectively choose what you want to restore to your iPhone.

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