Today, most companies use live chat app to communicate internally. However, due to the frequent leakage of sensitive information within the enterprise, many enterprises switch to the local area network for office work. The previously used cloud-deployed chat software cannot be used, and a chat software that can be used in the local area network is required. So what are the LAN chat software? How to choose? Let’s explain it below.

What are the LAN chat software?

At present, most live chat app supports the use in the local area network, but it needs to open the port to connect to the external network, which has security risks. There are not many chat softwares that can be used in pure LAN, and Youdu Instant Messenger is one of them. Youdu Instant Messaging is an instant messaging software that integrates collaborative office work. It focuses on privatization deployment and can be used in a pure local area network environment. With instant messaging, network disk, remote assistance, online documentation and other functions, it also provides a wealth of API interfaces. Enterprises can access existing internal systems in an applied way, unified work portal, and single-sign-on access systems. The message center can process business and information from different systems in a timely manner.

How to choose LAN chat software?

Faced with many LAN chat software, most people do not know how to choose the right one. It is recommended to pay attention to the following three points when choosing:

  • Function: Enterprises need to pay attention to whether the function meets their own needs when choosing a local area network chat software.
  • Cost: When choosing, you should pay attention to whether the cost is within your budget. If the cost exceeds the budget too much, there is no need to choose, but when determining the budget, do not set too little, it needs to be based on market conditions.
  • Experience: When choosing, you need to pay attention to whether the software service provider has cooperation experience in your own company’s industry, and the software service provider selected by a friend is very likely to have its products more suitable for your company.

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