Generally speaking, the community needs to have media attributes, that is, the carrier of the content. Social is a communication attribute and focuses more on communication.

On Tantan, the social food chain level is sorted according to “appearance and body”. A good-looking girl can get nearly 10,000 likes in a day, while a mediocre boy may not match two or three people a year.Therefore, Tantan is more suitable for making friends based on body “hormones”, rather than “sincerely making friends” or “sincerely looking for a partner”, so gradually Tantan’s reputation began to deteriorate, and users began to lose.

Today I will share with you 3 anonymous chat apps, on which you can be yourself completely, and you don’t have to worry that no one agrees with your ideas. Pure chat is no longer a luxury.

OG WhatsApp Screening System Background Operation Manual


Nowhatsapp is different from most dating apps on the market. It allows you to return to the essence of making friends. Everyone chats randomly, regardless of name or appearance. At this point, it is still very friendly to those of us who are average-looking.

You can find people who smell like you based on interest tags, and this matching mechanism will also increase your desire to communicate.

The only fly in the ointment may be to pay attention to words, too violent content may cause the account to be punished or banned.

GB whatsapp

The matching method of GB whatsapp is based on the results of big data operations, which is a bit similar to SOUL, so I often regard it as a tree hole, and most of the time you can match people who are very compatible.

So many years after graduating from college, the people around me are either out of poverty or out of single, and I am still looking forward to online dating.

So I spent a lot of time on this software, I just want to filter out the person who can match my thoughts and can accept my general appearance.

Coocoo whatsapp

Coocoo whatsapp is different from the previous two softwares. It can completely remove you from the real world, let you put down your pretense and routines, and be yourself.

You can choose your own person for one-on-one chat. Although it is a real person authentication, it will not reveal your personal information, and the other person will not know who you are. In reality, he may be your colleague, but in the network you are Friends who talk about nothing.

In addition to the above social software, I have also played Meiji and Mipai, but since I am a social phobia, I play less, and I will not indulge in dating. If you can meet your favorite social APP in the future, I will continue to share it in detail.

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