4 basic common sense of gender knowledge

1.Men and women have different attitudes towards sex. Men have sex before they are emotional, and women are willing to start sex after they are emotional. In relationships, men prefer to take their kidneys first and then their hearts, so when a man is dating you, he really wants to have a substantive relationship with you first, but women usually have to accept a man from the heart before they are willing to be with a man There are more intimate relationships, and once they have a more intimate relationship with men, women will be more dependent on men, and they will become more and more invested in men. Men will do the exact opposite.

gender knowledge

2.Men focus on results, women enjoy the process. Before a man gets you, he may be attentive to make you feel that you have met the love of your life, but after he gets you, his attitude towards you may become more and more cold. If a relationship occurs before marriage, the end result will generally disappoint the woman.

gender knowledge

3.Men need sex in love, and women need sex even more in marriage. But often after getting married, men will be indifferent to women, so marriage begins to have problems. For women who have no freshness, it is difficult for men to maintain long-term enthusiasm. Therefore, even if they are married, women must remain mysterious and do not let men Lost the freshness to you.

gender knowledge

4.In the process of a man pursuing you, don’t believe too much in the man’s sweet words, because it may only be a swearing oath to have a sexual connection with you, so the sweeter the man is, the more the woman must love herself.

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