Amazon potential ban operation! !

The reasons for “Amazon closed the store” can be described as various. A fan of Sister Na asked me a few days ago, saying that her store was restricted, and asked me how to deal with it! ! It seems that it is another day that requires a long POA~~ What is the specific reason? Let’s take a look together and see if you are also stepping on thunder! !

  1. Reasons for limitation

Fans said that the specific reason is because she used self-delivery to sell her own FBA products, and made some orders. In order for buyers to receive the goods faster, she chose the method of multi-channel distribution in the background to give the buyer I shipped it from home, and then put the order number of the multi-channel distribution in the background given by Amazon. This is how every order is operated. As a result, I received a warning letter from Amazon:

Because your effective tracking rate for products in these categories is below the 95% target. To create an enjoyable online shopping experience for buyers, you must let them know when they will receive their purchases. For buyers, the commitment to knowing the exact delivery time and being able to plan accordingly is just as important as finding the right product and price. Finally, Amazon closed the self-fulfillment channel! In fact, this penalty is still small. According to Amazon’s performance requirements, the store was originally going to be closed! !

  1. Solutions

We need to explain these three points clearly to Amazon, which is also a necessary step for every POA of Amazon, an old set of operations.

a. The root cause of the lower effective tracking rate than expected

①For this part, we only need to explain the reasons clearly. Note: Here, we must explain clearly each self-delivery order number and its corresponding back-end multi-channel distribution order number group by group. This is a great help for our permission contact! !

②Second point, we can explain that we are not aware of Amazon’s policies, and that the tracking number for multi-channel distribution in the background is not universal here.

③The third point to explain: The reason why I choose back-end multi-channel distribution is to deliver goods to buyers faster and give them a good shopping experience.

b. Actions you have taken to address the lower-than-expected effective tracking rate

① Explain that you are willing to use the Amazon platform’s own logistics model in the future

② Said that he would also provide an accurate logistics order number and quickly deliver it to the buyer

③ Explain that you will take every order seriously and let every customer have a good shopping experience

c. The measures you take to prevent the effective tracking rate from being lower than expected in the future

Here you can talk a lot about Amazon’s policy issues, and we must constantly and seriously study Amazon’s policies.

  1. Precautions

Many operations have not noticed this problem, most of them adopt the way of self-delivery and sales, and then use the logistics number of Amazon’s multi-channel distribution in the background! Now this method is not available! Now we must use the domestic logistics order number, so the operation must pay attention to this aspect.

a. Use Amazon’s own logistics

If we want fast delivery, we can apply for the logistics mode that comes with Amazon in the background.

b. Use overseas warehouses for distribution

In this way, the cost is high.

c. Domestic self-delivery logistics method

There are also many couriers in China that specialize in serving small parcels, which can be delivered one by one, such as: postal parcels, DHL, TNT, FedEx and UPS, cross-border special line logistics, etc. Relatively speaking, the price is higher, and it usually takes about 7-25 days to arrive. In this way, we have to set up the logistics template in the background!

We must adjust the shipping time to a longer time, so as to avoid the late delivery rate being too high! Because many operations are doing FBA, few people pay attention to setting the logistics template.

Don’t be afraid when you encounter a complaint problem. In fact, it’s not that difficult, and the routines for complaint are the same. Well, today I will share it here.

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