WhatsApp was the first messaging app to offer text, photo and video messaging service for free. It quickly became the most popular app for this purpose, with more than two billion users worldwide.

GB WhatsApp is a clone messenger app, very similar to the well-known WhatsApp. In addition to working the same way, it allows access to contacts, even those who do not have the app installed.

The product is exclusively for Android and can only be downloaded via an external APK. APK stands for Android Application Pack and is a collection of files for that operating system.

The APK adds resources that are not included in the original app. It consists of compressed files, generally sub-contracted, that may or may not respect the security and coding rules of the original application.

Despite the risks, many people are installing the app on their devices due to the lack of features in WhatsApp.

As with any popular service, there are many alternatives that try to replicate its functionality or offer something new. One such alternative is GB WhatsApp app, which is being downloaded by millions of users every day.

Advantages of GB WhatsApp?

One of the most attractive features is the ability to restrict access by unauthorized persons. By entering a PIN, you can protect messages and content within the app.

In addition, there are various features specific to GB WhatsApp, such as:

  • Improved privacy options
  • Hide last viewed option
  • Option to hide sent messages
  • Option to hide read receipts
  • Hide the last seen option for a specific contact
  • Use a group name of up to 35 characters
  • Use a status of up to 255 characters instead of the traditional 139 characters
  • Broadcast to 600 people instead of 250
  • Distinguish between normal messages and bulk messages
  • Create more than three chats

How to download GB WhatsApp?

The app is not available in the Play Store, so you must enable unknown sources on your phone. You will have to go to an unsafe website and search GB WhatsApp.

On the developer’s Arabic site, click “GB WhatsApp” and then “Download”. After confirmation on the download page, the file will download. Then just install and set it up.

It is important to remember that you must uninstall the original version of WhatsApp before performing any other installers.

When you start a session with your phone number, you will receive an OTP which must be entered in the app. complete.

Now you just need to personalize it according to your personal preferences.

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