A few days ago, the Microsoft Azure CTO, who called for deactivating C++ and to use Rust.This time, he was crazy about Git on Twitter. Mark Russinovich said: “Git is the most unintuitive and cumbersome interface of all the software I have ever used, and it makes me Crazy to pull out my own hair.”

For example, as Mark Russinovich complained, there has been a long-standing debate in the developer circle about which Git CLI or GUI is better to use, and many developers will be curious about who Mark Russinovich is who has been frantically complaining recently.

Who is the crazy Mark Russinovich?

Mark Russinovich was born in Spain in 1966, the son of a radiologist and a business administrator in the same clinic as his father. Mark Russinovich got his hands on computers in the 1970s, and when he was 15, he bought himself his first computer, the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A, and that’s when he was able to reverse engineer and program ROM (read only memory). Later, Mark Russinovich received his Ph.D. in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and started working on Windows-related software development.

In the late 1990s, Microsoft dominated the tech world with its Windows operating system, running Windows on everything from desktops to laptops, workstations, and servers. At the time, Mark Russinovich was developing software for a small software company by day, and at home at night and on weekends looking for bugs, bugs, and secrets in Windows NT and posting the information on the Internet, often angering Microsoft. Mark Russinovich also reverse-engineered the NT Workstation and NT Server at the time and discovered that Microsoft was artificially changing the market to work in its favor, i.e. Microsoft could force all network services to use the more expensive operating system, while at the same time Sell ​​cheaper versions for other missions. Mark Russinovich also developed a tool for converting an NT Workstation to an NT Server, which angered Microsoft, and he was denied entry to the building a few days later while attending a Microsoft event.

However, Mark Russinovich’s love-hate relationship with Microsoft also helped him open the door to join Microsoft. Jim Allchin, the head of Microsoft Windows, offered Mark Russinovich a job. Mark Russinovich initially refused, and then ran the Windows Sysinternals website for several times. Joined Microsoft years later as a Microsoft Technical Fellow (one of the highest honors that can be awarded at the time) At Microsoft, before joining Microsoft, Mark Russinovich also co-founded Winternals Software with Bryce Cogswell and co-developed dozens of popular Windows management and Diagnostic utilities, including the well-known system tool Sysinternals.

In 2006, Microsoft acquired Winternals Software, and Mark Russinovich joined Microsoft immediately to help improve the technical level of Windows. Now Mark Russinovich serves as the Azure cloud CTO at Microsoft. Mark Russinovich has developed a lot of system tools at Microsoft, such as winobj, sysmon, diskmon and process monitor, and he is also the author of “Windows Internals” called the BSD Red Book, and slowly Mark Russinovich has become a symbol of Microsoft. In addition, Mark Russinovich is also proficient in reverse engineering, and he discovered the Sony BMG disc copy protection scandal that shocked the world.

Git CLI vs GUI:which is better?

Going back to Russinovich’s complaints that the Git interface is cumbersome and difficult to use, Git is an open source distributed version control system. There has never been a debate about whether developers use Git to choose CLI or GUI, and there was still a chain of contempt. The main reason is that Git was a command-line-based version control tool from the beginning, and then several graphical interface tools were derived.

In this regard, developers who like the graphical client think that Git is worse from a UI point of view. The GUI looks more intuitive, is not easy to misuse, and does not need to remember various commands. It is enough for daily use, and it is more convenient to view the Log.

Another part of developers thinks that using the command line for Git operation is simple and convenient, and it is unprofessional for engineers to only use GUI, and there is no full-featured GUI software so far. Git is used as a tool, how to use it. There is no problem with it, but in many scenarios, there is a lack of functionality in the GUI. In addition, the command-line method is more efficient. For technical workers, the command-line method helps developers understand the working principle of Git and exercise their ability to solve problems. Although the GUI method is simpler and faster, the more later the two sides are. The bigger the gap.

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