At the Microsoft Ignite2022 event, Microsoft released a series of tools for creators, and one of the graphics design applications named “Microsoft Designer” attracted much attention.

According to the official introduction, Microsoft Designer is a graphic design application that comes with Microsoft 365. Powerful AI, including the artificial intelligence image generation system DALL∙E2, can quickly turn ideas into reality. For example, the user only needs to input a text command, and the software can automatically design the corresponding pattern.

The use of Designer is simpler and more convenient, and users can quickly complete design processing by applying templates and other methods to generate pictures that can be used in social media.Users can also generate a variety of unique designs and images with the help of artificial intelligence.

Integrating Microsoft AI and DALL-E2 in Designer will save people time and improve creative outcomes, said Panos Panay, head of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices division. Plus, the technology won’t be limited to apps, and will be integrated into Bing and Edge browsers later so everyone can experience it.

In terms of charging model, Designer will become part of Microsoft’s “Office Family Bucket”, which will provide a high-end version for Microsoft 365 subscribers while launching the free version.

According to CNBC, a Microsoft spokesperson said in an email that the Designer app was originally aimed at consumers. But the app can also be used by staff inside companies, government agencies and schools.

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