I just used it when I drew it myself, mark it.

  1. Open a picture
  2. Click the Add Mask tool in the lower right corner to add a mask.
  3. Click the shape tool on the left, select a rounded rectangle, and drag the mouse over the image to draw a rectangle. The mask tool in the lower right corner is set to fill 80%
  4. Press the Enter key, the effect is as follows.

ps is an image processing software, the full name of ps is Photoshop, which is an image processing software developed and released by Adobe Systems.


Photoshop mainly deals with digital images composed of pixels. Using its many editing and drawing tools, it can effectively edit pictures. PS has many functions, which are involved in various aspects such as images, graphics, text, videos, and publishing. .

From the functional point of view, the software can be divided into image editing, image synthesis, color correction and functional color effect production, etc. Image editing is the basis of image processing. You can do various transformations to the image, such as zooming in, zooming out, rotating, tilting, mirroring, perspective, etc., as well as copying, removing spots, repairing, and modifying image damage.


Notes on using photoshop

  1. When doing anything with Photoshop, it is recommended to use the prepared layers instead of editing the original file directly. The biggest problem with using one layer is that when you continue editing, you won’t be able to revert to the original file. The trick to working without destroying the original file is to layer each effect or modification. At the same time, by naming the layers, the later work is smooth.
  2. Photoshop users are advised to stay organized and organized. The more complex the structure, the more important the layer naming is. When creating web designs, by dividing folders into content hierarchies, you can work more smoothly when promoting a project with someone.
  3. Many Photoshop users may scroll horizontal and vertical bars when moving the canvas. The canvas can be moved freely by holding down the space bar and dragging.

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