Courses provide you with a great way to grow your business revenue and email list by providing value to your audience in a guided and easy-to-follow way. You can do this by offering full-fledged courses, potentially earning tens of thousands of dollars, or simply use the free mini-courses as magnets to attract new subscribers to your email list.

No matter why you’re creating a course, LearnPress can help you build it in WordPress. LearnPress is a free Learning Management System (LMS) plugin provided by ThimPress. It essentially allows you to turn your website, or at least parts of it, into an online school similar to Udemy, Teachable, and similar platforms. We’ll take a look at this plugin and review the basics of using it.

How to use LearnPress to build a WordPress online course website?

How to use LearnPress?

Step 1: Install and Configure LearnPress

Configure your currency settings based on the types of currencies your prices are available in and how you want your prices to appear.

Create the pages you need for your school. The setup wizard expects all pages you create to be optional. However, you should at least create a course page and checkout page. Profile pages are useful for users (students), while being a teacher page is not necessary unless you want to create a Udemy-like site where you host classes for other teachers.

If you want to use it as a payment method, please enable PayPal and enter your PayPal email address. ThimPress also offers premium plugins for other payment gateways like Stripe,, and 2Checkout.

Enable LearnPress’ email system in the next step. This system helps you communicate with students. Admittedly, email marketing is one of the plugin’s biggest drawbacks, as they lack support for email marketing service providers. The workaround used by many LearnPress clients is to purchase the Paid Membership Pro add-on and integrate the Paid Membership Pro with their email marketing service provider.

How to use LearnPress to build a WordPress online course website?

Select the finish step. I chose to create a class so that we can jump right into this in the tutorial. Feel free to configure some miscellaneous settings by going back to the dashboard.

Step 2: Create a Course

Step 3: Create your first lesson


LearnPress is a powerful plugin with many free features. It provides a very easy way to turn your website or a subdomain/subdirectory on your website into an online school. This is even better since it uses the WordPress editor and meta box you are already familiar with, saving you from having to learn a whole new platform. Also, your clients may prefer to buy courses hosted on the same website as your blog.

The only major downsides I can think of are the lack of support for email marketing service providers, the inability to change some features (like buy buttons), and the lack of a proper premium plugin version. Add-ons and themes are great, but some customers may prefer to buy a premium license with premium support beyond

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