Many friends have the urge to learn PS, but they are confused when they open the PS interface. What is this? What are these tools for? Where do I start learning? I searched for tutorials on the Internet, and I looked at it in a fog. I silently turned it off and then gave up the idea of ​​continuing to learn! yes or no

The editor wants to say, don’t give up because of a little difficulty, in fact, learning PS is not as difficult as you think! Today, I will share with you a very basic beginner tutorial for beginners! Take you to familiarize yourself with the tools and operations of PS! If you’re looking to learn, come check it out!

  1. Basic tools
  2. Common tools and functions

When we open the PS, there is such a row of tools on the left, so let’s take a look at some of the more commonly used tools and their functions~

Move Tool: The function is to move the layer.

Rectangle Selection Tool: Allows you to select a rectangular range in an image.

Lasso Tool: Allows you to make an irregular selection in an image.

Brush Tool: Used to paint images.

Eraser tool: mainly used to erase unnecessary pixels, we can use it to erase the background layer~

Gradient tool: You can fill the image with gradient. Double-click the gradient tool to select the type of gradient.

Text Tool: A tool for adding text to images~

  1. Common tool shortcut keys

There are many tools in PS. After familiarity, when we need to use them in the later study, we can use some shortcut keys to quickly call these tools. Here, I have compiled a summary of shortcut keys for you. helpful~

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