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At present, PS is a very basic job skill. And Photoshop has always been included in the college computer grade exam, photoshop has become as popular as Word, Excel, and PPT. I believe that students will also write it when they write their resumes.

In fact, Photoshop is currently the most popular, widely used, and comprehensive tool in the world. Neither life nor work can leave it.

Even if we are not doing professional design, PS is often used in our life and work.

In today’s Internet era, multi-purpose materials have become the trend. The reason why PS is widely favored by professionals is that it has many bright spots unmatched by other occupations, with good job prospects, stable income, wide application, strong technical skills, and extremely fast development space.

Photoshop software is one of Adobe’s most famous image processing software, which can be used across platforms.

PS’s expertise is in image manipulation, not graphic creation. Image processing is the editing and processing of existing bitmap images, and the use of some special effects.

Graphic designer photoshop is the most widely used field, whether it is book album or good full poster, these graphic prints related to printing, basically use photoshop software for image editing and processing.

Photoshop has powerful image retouching capabilities. Using these functions, you can quickly repair a broken old photo or repair defects such as spots on a human face. It is often used for post-processing of photographic photos, adjusting the light and shadow, tone, restoration, etc. of photos.

Photoshop has a powerful image synthesis function, which is often used for image effect synthesis. This type of design has a strong visual impact and can attract people’s attention at the first time.
Photoshop software can not only perform image processing and synthesis, but also often use Photoshop’s brush tool, layer blending mode, level command, hue saturation command and other functions to draw illustrations.

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