PS practical tips, novice must master the secret!

In this age of looking at faces, everything needs to be packaged. The simplest packaging is p-graph. If you don’t know p-graph, how can you shuttle through various industries.

PS practical tips, novice must master the secret!

Professional p-graph software includes PS software. Martian dad collected and summarized several practical PS skills to help you quickly realize the first-hand application of PS.

Hold down shift key to draw a straight line

Select the brush, hold down the shift key, long press the mouse and drag the brush to draw a straight line in the horizontal or vertical direction.

If you hold down the shift key and click on the canvas with a brush, you can draw a straight line in any direction.

Open transform Center

In some versions of PS, if the transformation center does not appear after executing ctrl+t, click “edit → preferences → tools” and check “display reference point when using transformation”.

Then execute the ctrl+t transformation, and press and hold the ALT key to adjust the position of the transformation center at will.

Rotate copy transform

Select the drawing, press and hold the shortcut key ctrl+t, and long press the ALT key to move the transformation center to the appropriate position (press and hold the shift key to keep moving horizontally or vertically).

Press and hold the shift key while rotating the figure by 15 ° (the rotation angle by pressing and holding the shift key is a multiple of 15 °), press and hold the Enter key to confirm.

Press and hold ctrl+alt+shift in turn, and click t repeatedly to achieve the effect of copying while rotating.

Quick expand close group

In PS, you often need to group and manage layers. You can expand or close all groups with one click by pressing Ctrl and clicking the small arrow in front of the group.

Smart object

You must have such a problem in editing images, that is, the layer will become blurred after scaling, and the smart object layer in PS is the best way to solve this problem. He can record all the information of this layer.

It is suggested that the layers that need to be scaled in the future can be selected first and then right-click to program into intelligent objects. Right click smart object.

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