Now that the era of national photography is coming, no matter if you shoot with a SLR camera or just with a mobile phone;

Whether you are engaged in management, administration, sales, or new media operation, brand planning, salesperson… It can be said that no matter whether you are living or working, you cannot leave image processing.

Like the following scenarios, you may often encounter:

You want to show users the brightest side of your product;

You should also have some exquisite picture poster designs in the annual report and monthly report;

You can make beautiful life photos by yourself;

Sometimes in order to correct a small flaw in the picture, I ask people everywhere

The photos others posted on the Moments are beautiful in color, but yours still can’t be taken out

enough! Change it from now on! Photoshop is currently the most popular, widely used, and comprehensive tool in the world. Therefore, it is enough to retouch pictures, make pictures, and learn PS!


How important is it to play PS in the workplace?

PS skills are versatile,

Applicable to all walks of life, it has gradually become one of the essential skills of the workplace.

Master PS software,

It will mean that your workplace competitiveness is better than others.

1. Enter the design circle and achieve a monthly salary of over 10,000

Mastering PS software is the first step in changing careers in the design circle. With continuous learning and advancement, you will become a high-paid designer with an easy monthly salary of over 10,000;

2. Fast promotion and salary increase, three-year promotion to management

Knowing PS processing means that you can handle most of the pictures independently, PPT beautification, graphic and text layout, and have value-added skills. more favored by leaders.

3. High work efficiency, efficiency increased by 50%

Can PS, small to modify the size of the picture, large to modify the event poster, do not ask for help, save the cost of communication with the designer, and greatly improve the work efficiency.

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