YO WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are the two latest WhatsApp mods. While the differences between them are minimal or negligible to many, there are subtle differences.Such as the color of the app’s menu icons. When it comes to what they promise, both offer the exact same functionality. In fact, it’s easy for all Whatsapp MODs to be clones of each other with little difference.

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If we position ourselves in the interface, we will notice that the two applications are almost identical. Both generate all activities in the middle of three sections: one for chat, one for stories, and one for calls. The activities in them are all similar. The only difference is in the design of some of the icons, such as those used in airplane mode or those that provide access in the options menu.

In the chat window, the interface is almost identical. If no manually determined changes are made, the layout of the components is the same, including the options in the menu.

Themes and skins

Both mods use the same skins or theme folders that users can download to give their personal touches. As such, they all benefit from the same 4,000 repository themes used by all mods.


The layout of the menu in the settings icon is probably the most obvious change, but it’s only cosmetic. Once you look at the different options, you will notice that they are the same, although YO WhatsApp has some hidden ads in its menu where you will see some web pages. Other than that, it has the same privacy settings, security, customization, colors, file size to send, and backup features.

If you want to decide between one option and the other, we can bet on WhatsApp Plus, but obviously because it’s almost ad-free and just focused on the settings menu. Both mods are almost identical relatives and communicate with your contacts for the same things. They are similar even when it comes to the risks involved in using them: you could be banned for abuse and forced to use the official app to recover your account.

The original WhatsApp app is unbreakable and secure on all phones around the world, and while it was possible to update to the Plus version with the new WhatsApp, several users had some bugs that gave rise to the YoWhatsapp app.

Yo Whatsapp has several extra features compared to the original Whatsapp app. With this, you’ll be able to benefit a lot from it, and one of the most striking expectations is the floating button located in the bottom left corner of the phone. After that, if you click it will open a menu that takes you to the different sections it offers.

Another move that you will have if you download Yo Whatsapp is the excellent user privacy options, that is, the same user will decide who can make calls, who can check status, see if we are writing or who gets the receive icon information.

File Sending

Yo WhatsApp gives us the opportunity to send files of various sizes and types (it is compatible with countless formats), including files over 700 MB. Also, it doesn’t compress or change the resolution of the photo.


With YoWhatsapp we can lock with a PIN code, pattern or fingerprint sensor, so we can prevent others from accessing the app and reading messages or viewing any other personal information.

If you want to download some of these apps as soon as possible, many users choose to use WhatsApp Plus by survey, it offers better security, personalization, storage capacity and especially privacy, this is the feature that most users notice, giving full Credit to WhatsApp Plus.

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