Whatsapp Messenger is released at 2013.After more than ten years of development, Whatsapp has amassed hundreds of millions of users worldwide,becoming one of the most popular social software.The popularity of Whatsapp has also caught the attention of many speculators, so many modified versions of Whatsapp have sprung up.FM Whatsapp,GB Whatsapp,YO Whatsapp are cases in point.Why these Mods can get such great success,and favored by more and more users.Next,we will make contrast between Whatsapp Mods and original version Whatsapp from below 3 main aspects.

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Different from official Whatsapp Messenger,Whatsapp Mod is not available to be downloaded from Google Play Store,while original version of Whatsapp is available.Modified version of Whatsapp is available to get from Official WhatsApp Mods APK download Hub,such as 1w


Whatsapp Mods offer some extra features that the original Whatsapp doesn’t provide.These Mods have almost all the functions of original App.As mod is the modified version of official version,there are a lot of extra and amazing features that original Whatsapp dose not has.This is the reason why Whatsapp Mod is favored by more and more users globally.

Taking FM Whatsapp for example,it has extra and amazing functions as below:

  • Built-in app locks;
  • Better privacy Settings;
  • The ability to send messages to unsaved numbers;

All of these are demanding features that are missing from the official app.


The reason why Whatsapp Mods are not available to download in Play Store is the the google Play Store requires software to pass certain standards of security and privacy in order to be approved.So it means that Whatsapp Mod App does not follow Google’s rules.

WhatsApp Mods,such as FM WA and GB WA, use the source code from the original WhatsApp, but without an official license. That means there is no way to verify whether the software is safe and free from viruses or malware.Therefore, Whatsapp Mods have certain risks, but they are not necessarily unsafe.

Despite the security risks of Whatsapp mods and the risk of privacy leaks, many users still choose them.What’s the reason?As I mentioned earlier, Mods have a lot of wonderful features that the original version didn’t have,that make the user experience feel better.

Which one to choose?

It’s almost up to yourself.If you don’t pursue those fancy functions, from the perspective of safety performance, of course, it is best to download the official version from the Play Store.If you want to get better experience, there are still many reliable Whatsapp Mods APK download for free.

Whatsapp Mods Latest Version Reccomendation

  • Ag Whatsapp V14.7 apk android download:https://627a.com/sites/1559.html/
  • Blue whatsapp V9.51 apk download for android:https://627a.com/sites/1556.html/
  • AM Whatsapp V6.1 Apk Download For Android:https://627a.com/sites/1553.html/

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