WhatsApp is a very popular cross-platform app for communication between smartphones. You can switch from sending text messages to using the WhatsApp app for sending and receiving messages, pictures, audio files and video messages for free. But if you’re going to use WhatsApp with some extra features and functions, then Whatsapp Mod like FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp is a nice choice. These Mods have a lot of additional features and customizations that the official version of WhatsApp does not offer. Most of users who downloads one of these Whatsapp mods will not notice a huge difference from the others. So,What’s the difference between the two Whatsapp Mod versions FM Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus, which one is better to use?

Both the two Whatsapp mods are very popular. Compared with the original Whatsapp,FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp have stronger functions and custom features.

Enhanced customized features

In both of FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp, users can customize your own messages, something you can’t do with the regular version of WhatsApp. With FM WhatsApp, you can change the color of your WhatsApp chat compared to GB WhatsApp. There are a variety of themes that you can use to modify the look and feel of an application and its Settings. Choose from hundreds of themes from the theme store to suit your tastes.

In terms of customization, GB WhatsApp is way ahead of FM WhatsApp. The application allows you to change the font, the appearance of the tick, and the appearance of the chat bubble. It even allows you to customize the appearance of your contacts TAB. In addition, you can change the color of the app tray icon.

Interface Personalisation

However, in terms of interface personalisation, FMWhatsapp is more flexible as it comes with an app-customised theme store, while GBWhatsapp is less flexible.

When it comes to themes, FMWhatsapp has a lot. GB whatsapp has some, but only in limited quantities.


In terms of privacy and anonymity, FM WhatsApp doesn’t offer as many features as GB WhatsApp does. In addition to hiding the receipts you’ve read and seen, you can also hide the last person you saw. WhatsApp also offers a feature that limits who can call you. Using this feature, you can avoid unnecessary calls.

Both FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are great Whatsapp Mod Version that include enhanced features not included in oringinal WhatsApp. The only problem is that because they are not official and can not be download in google play store,so you can only rely on the APK website to download.There is possible that they will expose your information and your privacy will be at risk.

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