I believe that many social software users are very familiar with the live chat app – Whatsapp Messenger owned by Facebook.So what is GB Whatsapp? Whatsapp Messenger vs GB Whatsapp, they have similar names, so what is the relationship between the two?Reading this blog post to know more!

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What’s the relationship between Whatsapp Messenger and GB Whatsapp?

The relationship between the two is actually simple.In fact,GB Whatsapp is a modified version of Whatsapp Messenger.Besides GB Whatsapp, there are many modified versions of the original version Whatsapp in the market,such as FM Whatsapp,YO Whatsapp,Fouad Whatsapp,all of them are called Whatsapp Mods.

Compared with official version,GB Whatsapp supports extra functions,such as you can run two accounts at the same time using GBWhatsApp Pro on your Android device,you can hange themes, set online status etc.Is it sounds amazing,so you want to have a try.

Is it available to download GB Whatsapp in Google play store?

Notice:All Whatsapp Mods are unofficial versions of whatsapp.Since Google Play Store requires software to pass certain standards of security and privacy in order to be approved,so GB Whatsapp is not available to be downloaded in play store.

At this point some users have questions, If I want to enjoy the extra and enhanced features that Whatsapp Mods bring, so where do I download and install them?

Don’t worry,this blog post will share the complete guide.Taking GB Whatsapp APK download for android device for example.

Where to download GB Whatsapp APK for android?

If you are trying to get this app program for android device and also get going to utilizing it,please remember:Downloading GB Whatsapp APK from reliable and safe APK site.There are 3 official WhatsApp Mods download Hubs to recommend.

Android app apk download platform – 627a

627a.com is a app apk download platform for android device.Besides Whatsapp Mods,you can also find many other funny apps and tools on it,such as shopping app,system tools,android games etc.

Official WhatsApp Mods download Hub – 1wk.net

1wk.net provides Whatsapp Mods download for free.Besides GB Whatsapp,there are many other popular Whatsapp Mods APK for download,such as FM Whatsapp and YO Whatsapp.Each application has its own characteristics, there is always one suitable for you and can win your favor.

Live chat software app download – hb3

Hb3 is a hub for live chat app download.In addition to the popular Whatsapp Mods APKs on the market for you to download, there are many other funy live chat apps for you to download for free.

Process of downloading and installing Whatsapp APK(step by step guide)

Notice: Before downloading, please make sure your android device has enough storage space to store it.Besides,opening the settings tab and allow unknown sources.If you don’t do this, the download may fail.

  • Download: Click on the downloading button and download the GB Whatsapp APK file.
  • Install: After downloading, open the folder where you saved APK. Tap on this APK file to install it.
  • Launch: After install successfully,now you can launch the app.
  • Login:Login it and enjoy your fantastic Voyage

Follow this guide,you can easily and quickly complete the process.

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