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The KR WhatsApp extension system is an automated marketing tool developed based on the underlying protocol of KR WhatsApp. It supports account login in protocol formats such as channel and hash, and can easily log in to tens of thousands of accounts on the computer web page. It solves the need for users to purchase a large number of mobile devices for traditional WS marketing. The pain point that it is difficult to operate in batches cannot break through the official risk control restrictions of KR WhatsApp, and perfectly solve the problem of account closure.

Instructions for using the KR WhatsApp extension system

How to Fix KR WhatsApp Account Issues

There are currently four ways to resolve account issues:

1. Directly purchase our registered account and transfer it to the user through the background

2. Users provide code-receiving resources to us to register an account on behalf of us

3. Book an account with us to register a designated country

4. Purchase channel or hash accounts in the market, both personal and business accounts are supported

Suggestions on login environment for KR WhatsApp extension account system

1. Pay attention to the account login environment, try to use the number registered with the real card, log in with one number and one IP, and perform the task after 3-7 days for the newly registered account.

2. Try to use exclusive ip resources and let the account go online with the ip. The default ip in the background is the shared ip, and there are shortcomings in security.

3. You can use the exclusive static ipv6 when raising the account. It is not recommended to use ipv6 to perform other risky operations. When performing sensitive operations, try to use clean ipv4. The following are the ip usage suggestions for various operations

4. When a new login account performs a task, it is recommended to test a small amount first, and then increase the amount after confirming that there is no problem.

Notes for KR WhatsApp extension account

1. Try not to perform the account raising task immediately for newly registered accounts. You can check the account storage time and start the account raising task more than 5 days away from the day.

2. If you add too many accounts every day, and start a new session, you may be banned. It is recommended to use the default configuration for mutual chat. After you have experience, you can adjust the account support configuration as needed.

3. When raising an account, the account login can be based on the exclusive static ipv6, and the ip cannot be switched frequently

4. When raising an account, it is recommended to chat with a new account in a one-to-one mode. You can use the old account with a new account to support the account, and use the old account to add a new account

5. You can upload the other party’s number to the address book before adding friends to each other.

Instructions for using the KR WhatsApp extension system
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Precautions for KR WhatsApp Expansion

1. Reduce the number and frequency of actively sending messages. It is easy to be judged that marketing behaviors trigger risk control and lead to account closure. It is recommended to control the number of single numbers to be sent in a single day to about 5 in the testing phase, and the time interval for sending a single message. After 10-30 minutes, gradually increase the number of messages sent in a single day and reduce the time interval according to the account status and account weight. In the official sending stage, try to control an account to actively send no more than 40 messages per day, and the sending interval is not less than 5 minutes, then adjust dynamically according to the effect

2. Before sending a message, it is necessary to screen and activate the screen in advance, and try to avoid data from different countries being mixed and sent together

3. When sending a message, try to select an account with the same area code as the target sending country, and the message content should use the common language of the target sending country

4. Do not send messages with the same content in batches. Once identified by the official system as a batch of robots, it is easy to cause a ban.

5. Try not to push too direct advertising messages. It is recommended to send ordinary greetings in the first sentence, and then send marketing words in the second sentence. Do not send content containing sensitive words and marketing words, otherwise it will be easily reported or blocked by the other party, resulting in a ban

6. It is recommended to use desensitized soft words, and use the method of multi-speaking to interact with fans, improve the response rate of messages, and greatly reduce the risk of banning

7. Pay attention to the time difference with the target sending country, and do not send messages during the night rest period of the target sending country

Notes on KR WhatsApp Tokela Group

1. Use multiple pull group numbers, and the target pull group number should not be too large, and appropriately reduce the pull group number. It is recommended to find a suitable pull group number (including navy) from 50-100, and then try to gradually increase according to the effect. Pull the group number.

Possible reasons why a WhatsApp account is immediately banned after sending a message

1. Account weight is too low, such as account registration time is too short, no account number, virtual card registration, etc., the effect of ordinary personal real card number is better.

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