Do you know what you need to pay attention to when using WhatsApp Aero?

  1. You can delete your account by yourself in the Whatsapp Aero app. After the account is deleted, it cannot be restored. Even if you delete it accidentally, it cannot help you restore it. Please be careful.
  2. A single phone number cannot correspond to Whatsapp Aero at the same time. Each application must use a different phone number. If you already have a WhatsApp personal account, it is recommended to use another mobile phone number to register or upgrade your Whatsapp Aero personal account to a WhatsApp Business account when creating a Whatsapp Aero business account.
  3. If you currently have a Whatsapp Aero personal account, when converting the account to WhatsApp Business, you can choose to transfer your conversation records to the WhatsApp Business business account. If you later decide to stop using WhatsApp Business, the conversation history cannot be transferred back to your Whatsapp Aero personal account.

Is there anything I need to pay attention to when using WhatsApp Aero?

Using this method to develop customers with group cat Whatsapp Aero, the effect is doubled

Therefore, how to successfully acquire customers’ Whatsapp Aero accounts and successfully develop customers for overseas marketing of Whatsapp Aero has become another major issue for members to consider.

Recently, the overseas marketing Whatsapp Aero has been successfully launched. So many functions:

-Search for potential customer WhatsApp accounts by product/industry and country/region;

  • Group search Whatsapp Aero, quickly join the group, and export the Whatsapp Aero account in the group with one click;
  • Google map search, get Whatsapp Aero account and verify;

-Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/YouTube/Twitter/LinkedIn…Social Platform Search

-Whatsapp Aero account and verification, one-click group message;

-Batch import of Whatsapp Aero accounts/automatic adding friends/group messages/chat records to save and backup, all digital assets will never be lost; marketing Whatsapp Aero overseas

  • Whatsapp Aero for overseas marketing: user portrait/quick reply to active conversation/automatic translation/AI robot chat;

-Sales funnel management/user portrait classification management customer/user relationship analysis;

To put it simply, it is to help us find the customer’s Whatsapp Aero account in various ways, and to be able to go overseas to market Whatsapp Aero to verify the validity of the account, and to help us mass Whatsapp Aero information in a form that is not easy to block.

  • Support for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Search for overseas customer names and phone numbers;
  • One-click verification of WhatsApp authenticity for overseas marketing WhatsApp;
  • One-click mass message to reach valid customers

We can see search results, including user results, including user chats in some windows. You can also send group messages, as follows:

Search Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube group information with one click;

One-click to join the target group;

One-click export target group link;

Export group members with one click;

One-click verification of WhatsApp, overseas marketing of whatsapp group messages;

Google Maps Search WhatsApp

One-click search for business information in the target area, including company name, industry, website and mobile phone;

One-click export of search results;

One-click verification of mobile phone numbers, identification of WhatsApp accounts, and overseas marketing of whatsapp mass messages;

Facebook data extraction

Search FB homepage information by product/industry, overseas marketing whatsapp includes FB homepage link, number of fans, industry category, mobile phone, email, website and address;

One-click export of search results;

One-click verification of mobile phone number and identification of WhatsApp account;

Instagram data extraction

Search Instagram blogger profiles by product/industry, including username, full name, number of followers, number of followers, email, mobile phone and address;

Extract the phone number through the blogger account, market whatsapp overseas and verify the existence of the WhatsApp account;

According to the blogger’s fans, one-click mining of the phone and other information of the fan account, and identify the WhatsApp account;

Export search results with one click, and send mass messages to whatsapp for overseas marketing.

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