WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication applications with a large number of users. Not surprisingly, WhatsApp was also the most downloaded app in 2022. However, the large number of users of the app also means that more users want to try a customized version of the app for more features. GB WhatsApp is an example of a heavily used unofficial version of the app.

These Whatsapp Mods often provide many behanced features and crack the official version that doesn’t have or is not allowed. This includes features like being able to see status updates after a status is deleted, etc. This makes these unofficial apps very popular all over the world.

According to a report by GizChina, the WhatsApp Mod is more popular than the official app in Africa. Here, popularity is mainly determined by certain abilities. These include sending larger files or using multiple accounts at the same time.

Other popular versions of the Mods include “YO Whatsapp” and “FM WhatsApp“. The apps are reportedly very popular in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

What does WhatsApp do for this?

WhatsApp has repeatedly warned against using unofficial versions. The app even continued to ban users of unofficial versions for a certain period of time as a fine. However, these efforts were in vain as a large number of users were still using these customized versions.

WhatsApp dark mode is finally here

In other news, the official WhatsApp recently finally launched a dark mode for Android and iOS users. The update comes after months of beta testing. WhatsApp’s dark mode puts an emphasis on text readability, making updates very eye-friendly.

If you’re on Android 10, switching your WhatsApp theme to dark is as easy as switching to your phone’s native dark mode. However, you can also switch the app to dark by jumping into the settings. This feature is also available on Android 9. Meanwhile, in iOS, the feature is only available for users on iOS 13.

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