Difference between win10 system and win11 system

Many friends have been using the win10 system, but after the win11 system went out, many friends upgraded to win11, so what changes have the win11 system compared to win10?

Below I will give you the difference between win10 and win11.

  1. Start menu: concise and clear icons, no dynamic tiles

Win11’s Start menu compared to Win10’s easy way of flattening applications (starting with Win8) is undoubtedly a major shift. By default, the Start menu sits at the core of the PC desktop, basically the same as Win10X’s Start menu, and if it was released before, it would have performed very well.

In Win10, you can launch the Start menu by tapping the lower left corner of the display. In Win11, the start icon is just the left icon in the applet icon category on the taskbar. The new Start icon isn’t the askew Win icon in Windows 10, it’s just flat and corresponding.

  1. Simplified taskbar

The key component to start feeling is the new taskbar, which is also a group of small icons sitting at the bottom of the display. In Windows 10, the taskbar is dominated by the search box, taking up a lot of indoor space.

In Win11, such icons are clustered together. The result is that in Win11, there is a lot of interior space above the taskbar. It’s unclear at this stage what Microsoft plans to do in this industry, but there are many.

  1. New icons and other UI tweaks

One of the additions expected to be part of the Sun Valley Win update is a series of small UI upgrades: arcs and new icons and other tweaks. The new icon is there, but the arc is largely invisible. Microsoft did bring new wallpapers under the Windows 10 Settings > Humanity tab, however, some of them are really shocking.

The above is the difference between win10 and win11, I look forward to helping everyone.


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