How to check computer configuration in win10 system

Some netizens want to install some applications on their win10 computer, but do not know whether their win10 computer configuration is in compliance with the regulations, and do not know how to check the computer configuration. Below I will teach you how to check the configuration of your win10 computer.

There are many ways to view the configuration of a win10 computer. Here are two very common methods. It actually looks like this:

Method 1: View according to the systeminfo command

  1. We can immediately press and hold the win r shortcut key to open the run menu, and then enter cmd and enter to confirm.
  2. Enter the systeminfo command in the command prompt interface and press the Enter key to confirm, then the system will load out the computer configuration information, system model specification, type, manufacturer, physical memory, virtual memory settings, CPU and other information.

Method 2: Check according to the DirectX diagnostic tool

  1. Open the run menu in the same way, and then immediately enter “dxdiag” and enter to confirm to open the DirectX diagnostic tool.
  2. After entering, we can see the basic equipment information on the current computer in the system interface, and the information of the machine equipment and drivers in the display interface.

The above are two methods to check the configuration of win10 computer, both of which can completely see the information about some equipment on the computer. Friends who need it can refer to the above methods to operate.

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