How to fix Win10 prompt sound keeps going

Recently, a friend reported such a problem to the author: Win10 will make a “dong dong” sound from time to time, such as the sound effect of U disk connection or disconnection. It stands to reason that this should be the poor contact of peripherals such as USB, causing the corresponding hardware to constantly disconnect and reconnect.

However, there are many USB devices plugged into the computer, such as network cards, digital tablets, etc., it is difficult to find out which device is the culprit. In this situation, how can we quickly find out which hardware has a connection failure? Can’t let the beep sound all the time? Here is a plan to share with you.

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USBDeview is a green gadget from abroad. Its function is to identify the peripheral hardware currently connected to the computer, and to feedback the connection status of the hardware in real time.

Compared with the device manager that comes with Win10, it has the following significant advantages:

・All connected hardware can be listed in a table, which is very easy for users to identify and understand at a glance;

・It can present the connection status of the hardware. If a piece of hardware is in poor contact, it can be easily judged;

・It is relatively easy to control connecting or disconnecting a piece of hardware, and if you are too lazy to unplug the USB, it can bring additional convenience.

The use of USBDeview is very simple. This is a green software. After decompression, run it directly, and you can see the corresponding exe execution program. After running, you can see the currently connected and unconnected devices in the main interface of USBDeview. For example, as shown in the figure below, you can see that the camera, network card, sound card and other devices are currently connected, but the mobile phone is not connected.


The author is using a laptop. In fact, the hardware such as the camera is built-in. Why do they also appear in USBDeview? In fact, this is due to the fact that these hardwares also use the USB serial bus. In USBDeview, it is easy to check the various states of the connected USB devices, such as the current used, type, driver, etc., which is useful if you want to understand the hardware.


So how to use USBDeview to find out bad USB hardware? It’s very simple, just look at the previous connection status. If a device keeps switching between the green and gray states, it means that it is constantly disconnecting and reconnecting, and it is very likely that it is causing the Win10 prompt to keep sounding. Disconnect it from the device, wipe the interface or reinstall the driver, if there is still a similar situation, give up and solve the problem.


When the USB device is disconnected, the front status will turn grey

Overall, USBDeview is a very useful tool. It is green and compact and does not need to be installed, but it can greatly complement the functions of the Win10 device manager. If you want to better manage USB devices on your computer, give it a try!

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