How to hide the taskbar icon in win10 system

With the application on the computer for a long time, there will be more and more software installed, and you will see many icons on the taskbar at the bottom right of the desktop. If you don’t want to delete the program, you can choose to hide the taskbar icon. Let’s share with you how to hide the icons on the win10 computer.

  1. Go to the computer screen, right-click the computer mouse on the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop, and then select the “Properties” option in it to enter the taskbar properties.
  2. After entering the taskbar properties, select the “taskbar” option, and then look for the “notification area” option setting in the following function settings.
  3. Click the “Customize” function button behind the notification area to open your system settings panel, and then select the “Notifications and Actions” option settings.
  4. Then, we look for “Choose what icon to display on the taskbar” in the notification and action. After finding it, click it and go to its settings panel.
  5. In the setting of what icon to display on the taskbar, you can choose to set the notification icon of the application you want to turn on or off. After the settings are made, everyone returns to the system settings panel again and looks for the Enable or Disable system icon in Notifications and Actions.
  6. After searching, click and go to the Enable or Disable system icon settings panel, and then turn on or off the system icon you want to turn on or off in it.

The above process is the method to hide the taskbar icon on the computer in Windows 10. If you want to set the taskbar icon properly, you can refer to the above method.


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