How to open the camera in win10? Let me introduce the method to open the camera in win10.

1. Click the win10 system to open the start menu – computer settings, and open the computer settings window.

2. In the opened computer settings window, click to open the “Privacy” item to enter the next step.

3. In the privacy function interface, find “Camera” and click to open.

4. Click Allow apps to use my camera to open, close the computer settings window to complete the operation.

How to turn on the camera in win10?

Where to uninstall software in win10?

Some users may have different computer models, but the same system version is suitable for this method.

Where to uninstall software in win10? Let’s take a look at it together.

1. First find the computer icon, right-click, click Properties, or directly press the keyboard shortcut WINDOWS+PauseBreak to open the system properties.

2. In the opened system properties window, click the control panel window in the upper left corner to quickly open the win10 system control panel.

3. In the open control panel window, click the uninstaller program under the program in the lower left corner to quickly open the uninstaller software window.

4. Finally find the program software you need to uninstall and click Uninstall.

How to use Windows 10 Repair Boot Tool?

1. Insert the USB flash drive into the computer, choose to boot from the USB flash drive to the USB flash drive or Windows PE, and enter the Command Prompt.

2. Open the command prompt and execute the bcdedit /enum command. If you see a prompt, the boot record has been damaged.

3. First, execute the command SFC /SCANNOW to search for the installed system.

4. Execute the following commands in sequence to repair the Windows 10 Master Boot Record and rebuild the BCD configuration file:





5. Restart the computer to enter the win10 operating system.

How to turn on the camera in win10?

How to exit full screen from mobile phone screen to computer win10?

1. Press the shortcut keys Win + i to bring up the setting interface, and then click “System”.

2. Scroll down to the item options for this computer, all settings are available.

3. Connect the phone and computer under the same WiFi, then find the connection and sharing in the phone settings interface.

4. Open Screenshot and select the computer you want to connect to.

5. The computer prompts whether to allow the connection, you can choose [Allow Once] or [Always Allow], and then click OK.

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