Now many users have the win10 system installed on the computer, but the version of the win10 system is very special. Many friends are worried that they will download a pirated system, so they all go to msdn to download, then the editor will tell you. Let me tell you the tutorial on how to install win10, let’s take a look together.

1. First, we download the win10 system image from the msdn official website to the computer.

2. After the download is complete, we will extract the image to the partition of the non-system disk.

3. At this point, we open the decompressed file and double-click to run “setup.exe”.

4. After entering the page, we click the “Download and Install Updates” option.

5. When the license terms pop up, we click to accept the agreement.

6. Depending on personal needs, you can choose to keep the file or not.

7. After confirmation, select “Install”.

I tell you how to install win10

Teach you how to optimize the most smooth win10

In the process of applying the win10 system, if you don’t pay attention to cleaning up waste immediately or maintaining and upgrading the system, it is easy to cause the computer to run into a stuck screen after a long time of application, and it is often very easy to crash. But many people don’t know how to optimize win10 the most smoothly, below I will share with you the method to improve the win10 system.

Method 1: Turn off unnecessary startup items

1. Unnecessary startup items will slow down your startup speed and running speed. You can right-click on the blank computer on the taskbar below and select Task Manager to open it.

2. Select the startup item column, and then disable all startup startup items that do not automatically run at startup.

Method 2: Raise the system drive

1. It can clean up hard disk waste on time and improve disk defragmentation. We can choose to open this computer on the desktop, look for the C drive system disk, right-click on the “Properties” to open.

2. Click the [Tools] button, in the middle of the page, click the “Upgrade” option to upgrade the drive.

3. In addition, clean up the hard disk on time, and clear some system caches and waste files.

I tell you how to install win10

Method 3: Turn off Windows Search

1. Select this computer, right-click the computer, and click the “Manage” option to open it.

2. Click the “Service Items” option in “Service Items and Applications”. Then look for the English “Windows Search” option in the right column. Double-click this option, click the [Disable] button in the “Startup category” in the dialog box, and click OK.

The above are several types of methods to upgrade the win10 system. Friends who have to upgrade their own systems can refer to the above methods to carry out operations.

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