The Win10 system continues the style of Microsoft, and a large part of it inherits the route of Win7 and Win8. So generally speaking, those who use Win7 and Win8 will use Win10. But Win10 is a new system after all, so there is still some new knowledge to learn. This article will summarize some of the methods used in Win10.

How to use win10: Remove the small shortcut arrow on the desktop

1. Create a new text and enter the batch code

Batch code:

reg add “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerShell Icons” /v 29 /d “%systemroot%system32imageres.dll,197” /t reg_sz /f taskkill /f /im explorer.exe attrib -s -r -h “%userprofile%Appdatalocaliconcache.db” del “%userprofile%Appdatalocaliconcache.db” /f /q start explorer pause

2. Change the text suffix to bat, and the file name can be anything

3. Right-click – run as administrator, the effect is as shown in the figure

Win10 usage method 2: Go to the watermark in the lower right corner, go to the desktop watermark

Tip: The tool provides the functions of restoring the watermark to the default and customizing the watermark. Although it can be restored, there is no guarantee that there will be no abnormal conditions, so the editor still reminds everyone to use it with caution. If you want to use it, it is recommended to create a restore point before use just in case.


First download the watermark removal tool.

After opening the tool, check “Remove all watermark”, and then click “Apply new settings” below, as shown in the figure below. During the process of removing the watermark, the asset manager will restart once, it will take a while to complete, please be patient.

How to use win10 three: shortcut keys

1. Snap to the window: Win + Left/Right > Win + Up/Down > The window can be changed to 1/4 size and placed in 4 corners of the screen

2. Switching windows: Alt + Tab (not new, but task switching interface improved)

3. Task view: Win + Tab (the interface will not disappear when you release the keyboard)

4. Create a new virtual desktop: Win + Ctrl + D

5. Close the current virtual desktop: Win + Ctrl + F4

6. Switch virtual desktop: Win + Ctrl + Left/Right

In addition, Microsoft has added Ctrl + V support to the Windows 10 Technical Preview Command Prompt, and Scott Hanselman has sorted out the keyboard shortcuts in the command line.

Win10 usage method four: driver update method

1. Open Computer Management – Device Manager – Display Adapters and click “Update Driver Software”, as shown in the figure

2. Select “Search automatically for updated driver software”

Win10 use method five: shutdown method

Click the Start menu in the lower right corner of the Win10 system, and you can see the shutdown icon in the expanded menu.

Click the shutdown icon to sleep, shut down or restart Windows 10. After clicking Shut Down, win10 can be shut down normally.

The above are the five methods used in Win10. These methods should not be difficult, and they are also more commonly used in daily operations.

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