What should I do if I encounter a black screen of 0xc00000e9 in Windows 10?

When we apply it on the computer or turn it on, it will remind that windows 10 has a problem with the communication of the device connected to the computer, and the display status is 0xc00000e9. At this moment, we can try to apply the pe correct boot repair method to deal with it. , let’s take a look below.

What is the problem with 0xc00000e9:

Answer: The system boots correctly, incorrect or hard disk failure occurs.

method one:

  1. We can try to restart the computer first, and then press the keyboard “F8” to enter the startup settings when it is turned on.
  2. Then select “Last Known Good Equipment (your most recent settings that worked)”
  3. Check whether the final equipment of the application can be entered into the system. If it cannot be entered, the system must be properly booted and repaired.

Method Two:

  1. The second method is to set the virtual content, first right-click “This Computer”—-“Properties”.
  2. Click “Advanced System Settings” on the left channel.
  3. After looking for “Advanced” at the top, click “Settings” under Features.
  4. Click to change to “Advanced”, look for the virtual memory settings below, click “Change”,
  5. Unenable the above, and then you can set a larger running memory. After setting it up.

Method three:

  1. If we have a system CD, we can use the CD to repair it immediately.
  2. If it doesn’t work, it is necessary to apply the u disk repair. First make a pe system U disk.
  3. After the production is completed, insert it into the computer, enter the pe system, and open the “Repair System Correct Boot” tool.
  4. Then press and hold the number key “1” on the keyboard or the computer mouse to select “Auto Repair”
  5. Then select the “C drive” of the system, and wait for the system to automatically carry out the repair. After the repair is carried out, restart the computer to solve the problem.

Method four:

  1. If the system can’t be repaired after booting correctly, it may be a common failure of the computer’s hard disk, which can be verified by reinstalling the system first.
  2. First download and install a win10 system that can run smoothly on this website.
  3. If there is a problem of 0xc00000e9 after the installation, then it must be the hard disk failure, and only go to the repair shop to solve it.

If after passing the previous operation, your problem or can’t be solved, then you can only reinstall the system, or it is very likely that the configuration hardware is damaged~

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