What should I do if the Windows 7 system prompts “This copy of Windows is not genuine”

When we use the win7 system computer every day, many users should have encountered the computer prompt “This copy of Windows is not genuine”, so what should I do if the Win7 system prompts “This copy of Windows is not genuine”? The following editor will bring you the solution to the Win7 system prompt “This copy of Windows is not genuine”. Interested friends come and take a look.

Win7 system prompts that this copy of Windows is not genuine solution
Method one:

  1. After downloading the pony activation tool OEM9, unzip it, all are green software, no need to install, select the file OEM9, of course, the name will be different depending on the version, some are OEM7 and so on.
  2. After the software is started, first, select the activation mode, the default is “OEM/EFI mode”, if the activation fails, use another mode!
  3. Then click “One-click permanent activation of Windows and Office”.
  4. In fact, the whole process only takes a few seconds. After the activation is completed, a pop-up prompt “The OEM/EFI mode activation has ended, and it is recommended that you restart the computer.
  5. If you encounter a problem, please press F5 to skip it after booting up, and select another form to reactivate.” The prompts of other versions are similar, just “Yes” directly.
  6. It is best to restart the computer once after activation. Of course, sometimes you can see the activation victory without restarting, and it is recommended to restart.
  7. After restarting the computer, open the properties of “Computer”, this time I see the genuine logo, and it also shows that Windows has been activated, it seems that the activation is successful.
  8. Go back to the desktop, but it is still black, why is this, it doesn’t matter, deal with it immediately, right-click on the blank space of the desktop, and select “Personalize”.
  9. After entering the Personalization window, find the “Desktop Background” item and click it.
  10. Enter Select desktop background, on the right side of the picture position, open the drop-down box, select the item “Windows desktop background”, if you don’t want to acquiesce, you can press “Read” to set the background you like. After the setting is complete, press “Custody Correction”.
  11. Is it true, the desktop has come out again, and there is no Windows is not genuine prompt in the lower right corner. At this point activate windows victory.


  1. If the lower right corner of the desktop is not genuine, but “Activated” is displayed in the system information, it means that the service is not turned on. Solution; Start – “Run -” Enter the services.msc command – “Confirm, set “Software Protcetion” ” and “SPP Notification Service” service can be turned on. (The latter enters the services of the control panel and finds these two services to start)
  2. The above is the solution to the “Win7 internal version 7601, this copy of Windows is not genuine” displayed in the lower right corner of the screen, I hope it can help you!
  3. There is also a situation where there is a prompt in the lower right corner of the black desktop, which may be the test mode of the entered Windows, which can be handled by the following methods:
  4. Click “Start” – “All Programs” – “Accessories”, find “Command Line Prompt”, right-click and select “Run as Administrator”
  5. Then, enter “bcdedit /set testsigning off” in the command line window (running CMD without administrator mode will fail to execute)
  6. If you want to open the test mode, change off to on!

Method two:

  1. Enter cmd in the input box at the beginning, right-click on the found command prompt icon, and run as administrator.
  2. Enter SLMGR -REARM on the command line (there is a space before -), and then press Enter to execute the command.
  3. When the command execution victory prompt window is presented. Just restart the computer. This copy of Windows is not genuine and disappears automatically.

However, the SLMGR-REARM method can be activated for a limited time of about 120 days, and the number of times is limited as long as 3 times, and it can be reactivated after each expiration. So the editor recommends using the pony activation tool again to activate the system once. can be activated forever.

The above is the solution to the Win7 system prompt “This copy of Windows is not genuine” brought by Xiaobian to our friends. For more related tutorials, please pay attention to the system home.


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