Win10 system, how to keep downloading in sleep mode?

When people sometimes download large and medium-sized files on the application computer, it is necessary to maintain the computer in a normal state. If the download cannot be carried out after entering the sleep mode, how should the computer be maintained in the sleep mode? What about download? Let’s take a look at how it works with me.

Windows 10 sleep mode download

How to maintain downloads in Windows 10 sleep mode

  1. First open the control panel (control);
  2. Then in the Control Panel item window, switch to the view mode of large icons, and then select the switch power option in Adjust the computer settings;
  3. In the switch power options window, select the option to change the plan settings after the power plan applied today;
  4. Then in the Edit Scheme Settings window, select Change Advanced Switching Power Settings;
  5. Then in the power switch option window, change the computer hard disk to 0 after the time, and turn off the computer hard disk to 0, 0 means not to turn off the computer hard disk, and then confirm to save;
  6. Then open the machine device manager (devmgmt.msc).
  7. Find the network port that has been used, and double-click to open the property settings;
  8. In the Ethernet port properties window, switch to the Switching Power Management tab, unenable Allow the computer to turn off this device to save switching power, and finally click OK.

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