For the win10 flagship version Windows Virtual PC virtual machine installation tutorial may be a topic of concern to many friends, let’s introduce the win10 virtual machine installation steps in detail.

1. First, install the virtual machine patch. The newly installed win10 has no virtual machine patch, because this patch is an optional patch, which is generally not attached to the system, and the user needs to download and install it by himself.

win10 Ultimate Edition Windows Virtual PC Virtual Machine Installation Tutorial

2. For 32-bit windows 10, install X8664 and install X64. After installation, restart the computer.

3. Find Windows Virtual PC in the Start program menu and click on the virtual machine

4. To add, we need to install this XP MODE (XP compatibility mode) in the middle, so that Windows 10 users can use this version to run programs that will not run on Windows 10.

5. Click on the virtual machine in the second start menu, create a virtual machine, and then select the virtual machine installation directory disk. Next step

6. Select the virtual machine memory, generally fill in carefully according to your actual memory. When the virtual machine system is turned on, the virtual memory is divided from the actual memory, and it is automatically restored after it is turned off.

7. Create a dynamically expanded virtual hard disk, which can become larger or smaller according to the actual use size of the virtual operating system, and cannot exceed the size of the installation directory disk

8. After the virtual machine is created, right-click the virtual machine settings,

9. Select your operating system installation image file in the DVD drive, and then go to the next step. After that, the virtual machine will use this image file to boot.

win10 Ultimate Edition Windows Virtual PC Virtual Machine Installation Tutorial

10. Open the virtual machine and enter the CD image installation directory. Before installation, you must divide the disk, and set the disk where the system is installed as the main partition, and set the activity. Then select the first installation system.

11. After the installation is complete, don’t rush to open the system. Finishing work is also the most important step that affects whether it can boot normally. Remove the image file from the DVD drive and select None. Then, in Hard Disk 1, select the dynamic expansion hard disk of the virtual machine you just installed. After confirming, restart.

The above is the installation tutorial about win10 virtual machine. Interested friends can refer to this article to try.

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