How to Resize Partitions Using Windows 11 Disk Management

Perhaps most users on Windows 11 desktops and laptops have encountered the problem of insufficient storage space, especially the system partition.

Windows 11 Disk Management

Using the hard disk management in Windows 11, you can reduce the harm of insufficient storage space in a few ways.

To use this tool, you should know how to open Windows 11 disk management, so we will introduce 3 methods to you in detail.

Method 1: The very easy way to turn on hard disk management in Windows 11 is on the computer desktop. Right-click on the Start menu (or press the Windows X shortcut) and select “Hard Disk Management”.

Method 2: Use the Windows R shortcut to open the “Run” window. Then enter “Diskmgmt.msc” and click “OK” or press “Enter”.

Method 3: Immediately enter “Hard Disk Management” in the “Search” box, then select “Create and format computer hard disk partitions” from the results.

After opening “Hard Disk Management”, right-click on the partition to be extended, and then select “Extend Volume” (eg partition C).

If you use Windows 11 hard drive management to extend partitions, you may sometimes find the “Extend volume” option is dark gray.

Is there anything wrong with this tool? No, the reason is that the “Extend Volume” feature in Windows 11 only works if there is contiguous unallocated indoor space behind the partition you want to extend.

The above is the operation method of win11 disk partition, have you learned it? hope it helps you.

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