Win11 big improvement: memory usage plummeted, performance increased by 4 times

This generation of Windows 11 system, the most complained about may be that the system is a bit stuck, in order to solve this problem, Microsoft is also planning to add a performance-related mode in the “Sun Valley 2” update.

It is reported that Microsoft has been testing “efficiency mode” for a year, and it has observed up to 4x performance improvement (76% reduction in resource usage) on CPU-intensive systems. This results in better UI responsiveness, and it also improves the speed of the task manager itself.


When used properly, efficiency patterns can benefit all types of applications. In one case where Eco Mode was applied to CPU-intensive processes, apps like Microsoft Word started up 2x faster, and other apps like Edge saw considerable benefit.

For some outside concerns, unlike the “End Task” option that kills the process immediately, Windows 11’s new “Efficiency Mode” lowers the priority of the process to “Low”, but it doesn’t kill the process. When the priority is set to low, the rest of the applications will get system resources, and Microsoft’s new technology ensures that processes execute in the most efficient manner.

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