We talked about how to convert PDF e-books to Word documents in the last issue, so what should you do if you need to convert .doc files to .pdf format? Need to download a tool to convert formats? Compared with the complicated conversion of PDF to Word document, this technique is very simple and can be achieved without the need for additional conversion tools.

How to Convert Word Documents to PDF eBook Format Easily?

We only need to install WPS 2013 and above to achieve this operation.

I believe that many friends use Office software to deal with daily documents, forms and PPT presentations, but WPS is not only free, but also more and more powerful. It is recommended to try it out.

For example, this handout exists in the format of a Word document. If we want to convert it into a PDF document and store it on a tablet or mobile device for viewing, we need to use a small plug-in in the WPS document (no additional download of this plug-in is required) .

In the WPS document, click “WPS Text” – “File”, a long drop-down menu will appear, we directly find “Output to PDF format”, click it.

After clicking, there will be options, select the required content, and click OK.

How to Convert Word Documents to PDF eBook Format Easily?

The eBook converted to PDF format is shown in the figure below, and the format is the same as that of the Word document.

Of course, if you want to make the format beautiful, you have to adjust it in the Word document first, and then convert it.

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