How to Move Tables in Word 2010

We’ll discuss how to move tables in Word 2010. Microsoft Word allows tables and their contents to be moved from one location to another. This chapter will give you simple steps to move tables within the same document, although you can use cut and paste to move tables from one document to another.

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The following steps will help you move tables within the same Word document.

Step 1 − Place the mouse pointer on the table that you want to move from one position to another. Once you move the mouse pointer into the table, a small cross icon will appear in the upper left corner of the table, as shown below.

Word 2010 table move

Step 2 – Click on the small cross icon which will select the entire table. With the table selected, use the cut button or simply press the Ctrl + X keys to cut the table from its original position.

Step 3 − Place the insertion point where you want to move the table and use the paste button, or just press Ctrl + V keys to paste the table to the new location.

Word 2010 table move


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