There has been a flurry of cybersecurity threats recently, and now a malicious Word document is circulating online, with drivers sabotaging Windows and macOS devices.

Security firm FortiGuard Labs said it recently discovered a Word document that carries malicious programs, and when Windows or macOS devices open these documents, it may download various malicious programs.

The malicious program in the Word document is implanted by using the macro function vulnerability. In fact, the macro function of the Office suite is often used by network hackers to inject and infect the system. Hackers can deploy malicious programs based on VBA code.

New Malicious Word Documents Appear on the Internet, Attacking Windows and macOS Systems

Malicious Word Document

What’s special about this malicious Word document is that it not only infects Windows systems, but also intrudes on Mac systems, which have always been known for their security, and the script will try different paths to ultimately ensure a successful intrusion into the system.

Therefore, everyone needs to be more careful when downloading Word documents recently. Don’t download files of unknown origin. Don’t think that files of this type of Word document will not have viruses, then you are wrong.

iOS version of Word Flow input method update supports gif search

Microsoft today brought a version 2.0 update to the Word Flow input method on the iOS platform. This version has added many new features, including search functions for GIFs, pictures and emoji, and a new prediction function. It can also search for nearby objects. Localized content such as news and restaurants.

Microsoft updates Word Flow for iOS input method to version 2.0 Microsoft updates Word Flow for iOS input method to version 2.0 Microsoft updates Word Flow for iOS input method to version 2.0

Word Flow 2.0 for iOS

Word Flow 2.0 for iOS update content:

Support GIF, picture, emoji search;

find a contact;

Search for nearby restaurants, news, videos, weather forecasts;

New prediction function;

Support 3D Touch to control the cursor position;

Accuracy improved;

brings a new theme.

In fact, the iOS version of the Word Flow input method is even further than the native version on Windows Phone. Many features are unique to the iOS version, which may make users of their own WP platform very dissatisfied.

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