In the latest news, Microsoft today launched the Microsoft Word Flow keyboard in the US iOS App Store. This product is derived from Microsoft’s own Windows Phone version, and it is free. As expected, the iOS version lets users customize themes and offers its unique one-handed texting acceleration.

The Word Flow keyboard for iOS supports full keyboard operation, supports Swype-style gesture input, and allows users to customize themes. However, the biggest highlight of the product is the addition of a new curved keyboard, which supports one-handed input. At the same time, combined with the sliding word selection and intelligent association functions, the user’s input speed is greatly improved.

The Microsoft Word Flow keyboard features a curved design, with the keyboard arcing into a circle, allowing for more efficient one-handed typing than traditional iOS keyboards. Its default interface is much the same as a third-party keyboard, giving users the option to tap and swipe to type.

Like Apple’s own keyboard, Word Flow has a text prediction feature, and users can even turn on the learning option to send information sent through the keyboard to Microsoft at the same time to enhance the keyboard’s predictive capabilities.

Plus, users can upload their own pictures to use as themes for a custom keyboard, and Word Flow can even track a user’s typing speed once Word Flow is granted full access. At present, all iOS 9 device users can download the experience, but the Word Flow input method only supports English for the time being.

Soft iOS version of Word Flow input method officially released

Microsoft today officially released Word Flow, an input method for the iOS platform, which features a curved keyboard.

The Word Flow input method was launched a few years ago and broke the Guinness World Record in 2014 as the fastest mobile input method for typing text. However, the input method has not been launched before the iOS version.

The new Microsoft CEO Nadella, who focuses on more platform services, has always maintained a high degree of attention to Apple’s iOS platform. Therefore, in mid-April this year, Microsoft released an internal beta version of the iOS version of the Word Flow input method, which is now officially on the shelves. App Store.

The biggest feature of the Word Flow input method is the addition of a new curved keyboard, which is very suitable for one-handed input on today’s large-screen mobile phones. In addition, the input method also supports sliding word selection and intelligent association functions, which is relatively complete.

In order to meet the current personalized needs, the Word Flow input method also allows users to customize the keyboard picture, and users can apply the pictures in their own photo library to the input method as the background theme.

It’s just that the iOS version of Word Flow input method currently only supports iOS9 and above and English input. There is no news about Chinese input, so we can only take a look.

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