Practical tips for making tables in Word

  1. Quick tabulation

When you copy some text information from other places, to turn it into a table, can you only copy and paste it into the table one by one?

Fear not, word is really good for word processing jobs. There is a function in word that can help us quickly tabulate, text to table.

  1. Quick beautification

Many students use the default black border when making a table, which looks very simple and is not what a professional report should look like.

Here is a trick to quickly beautify word tables using the table style that comes with word.

  1. Word can also do operations

Not only excel can do operations, there are also basic operations in word.

Remember the following star functions

Sum sum / average average / count count

When the data is modified, you can right-click to update the field, and the formula result will be automatically recalculated.

Also, formula results are automatically updated after restarting the document.

  1. Paste the excel table into word

If you have already made a table in excel, adjusted the format, and do not want to readjust it in word, you can paste it as a picture or paste it to retain the source format according to whether you need to modify it.

In addition, if the source data needs to be analyzed and calculated in excel, and it is often edited and modified, we can copy and paste – link and retain the source format.

In this way, when we modify the excel table, the data in the word document will also be updated, and it is very convenient to not have to modify the data again.

  1. How to make heterogeneous forms?

There are too many heterogeneous forms in Word, such as resumes, leave forms, approval forms and so on.

They are different from traditional types of tables. They are not used to list data. The form of tables is used more often to facilitate layout and make the page appear organized and neat.

  1. Cell adjustment

Heterogeneous tables often contain a large number of cell merges, but the merge split is the result of an evenly separated space.

If you want to manually adjust the cell width, the following two methods can help you do it more intuitively.

①Drag the vertical line directly

Select the adjacent cell, place the mouse on the vertical line (the mouse shape will change to a double arrow at this time), and drag it left and right.

②Draw/erase table borders

When your table structure is more complex, such as slash header, you can use this function.

Place the cursor in the table area, in [Table Tools] – [Layout], there are two tools for drawing a table and an eraser. Just use it as if you were drawing a table with pen and paper.

2, plus and minus signs to generate a table

In addition to the regular insertion of tables, word can also generate tables of custom lengths by adding and subtracting signs.

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