Skills of Making Tables Quickly in WPS

Have you mastered how to quickly create and insert tables in WPS documents? The editor brings you some tips for quickly making tables, taking WPS2019 as an example.

  1. Open the document

First double-click to open WPS2019 → click “New” → select “Text” column (equivalent to the word document of office) → click “New Blank Document” down.

  1. Insert the table

Select the “Insert” menu bar → click “Table” → select the desired number of rows and columns.

After inserting a table, “Table Tools” and “Table Style” will appear in the menu bar simultaneously, as shown in the figure below. With these two functions, you can beautify the table easily and efficiently.

  1. Add table title

Enter the content in the first row of the table. The table text is left-aligned by default. If you want the text to be centered, you can click “Alignment” in [Table Tools], and select “Horizontal Center”.

Fourth, quickly beautify the table

Select the table, choose the style you like in [Table Style], as shown in the figure below, it will become beautiful immediately!

  1. Repeat the header row in a cross-page table

Select the title row (the first row or multiple rows), select [Table Tools], and click “Duplicate Title Row”.

  1. Automatic table numbering
  2. Select the cell below the “Serial Number Column”, click the [Start] menu, and click the triangle symbol ▼ next to Auto Numbering.
  3. Click “Custom Numbering” in the drop-down menu, the [Bullets and Numbering] dialog box will pop up, select the style, and click Customize.
  4. The [Custom Numbering List] appears, select the numbering style, and click OK to form the automatic numbering.
    If the number of rows is large, you can select the entire column of “serial number column”, and then customize the number, the following situations will occur.
    Move the cursor to the front of “Serial Number” and click Cancel Auto Numbering.
    The above is the method of quickly inserting and generating tables in WPS documents.


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