What is the reason why the following words disappear when typing in word? How to solve this problem? Most of this problem is caused by setting errors or accidentally touching some keys of the keyboard.

Since the Insert key is very close to the Backspace key, accidentally hitting the Insert key is the most common cause of this problem.

What is the reason behind the words disappearing when typing in Word?
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The words behind the word typing will disappear due to two reasons, one is the insert key, and the other is the Word setting problem. The following small series will introduce the solution to you, let’s take a look


1.Insert-override mode

When you press the insert key by mistake, Word defaults to cover mode, and the input text will cover the content behind, as shown in the figure, Baidu experience covers the back of typing.

2.Insert-insert mode

Press the insert key again to enter insert mode. At this time, entering Baidu experience behind Word will not cover the following text.

What is the reason behind the words disappearing when typing in Word?

3. Insert key

The Insert key is usually together with the delete key, just look for it

Method two (1)

To make changes through Word itself, click File-Options

Method two (2)

Click Word Options – Advanced – Uncheck Use Overtype Mode

The above is the solution to the disappearance of the following words when typing in word, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

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