1. Click Start, find the Run command line, enter regedit, and open the registry.

2. Find the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT directory on the left and expand it.

3. First, we use the CTRL + F shortcut to find the location of “docx”, of course, you can also pull down to find it yourself.

4. After finding it, do not expand the directory. We can see that there is one on the right (default), the default value at this time is Word_auto_file, it doesn’t matter if it is not the value.

5. Double-click (default) an item and change it to Word.Document.12.

6. Close the registry and refresh the desktop. This is what we found when right-clicking and creating a new one.

7. In the same way, we enter the registry to find the location of “xlsx”, and change (default) to Excel.Sheet.12; then look for “pptx” and change (default) to PowerPoint.Show.12. Close the registry, go back to the desktop, and after multiple refreshes, right-click the newly created Word, Excel, and PPT, and they all come back

8. If the corresponding directory is not found when using CTRL + F to search in the registry, please pay attention to the marked “Find Next”. CTRL + F can only find the content after this location, please select the first directory in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT directory and search again.

What should I do if I right-click and create a new word?

How to make slash in word table?

1. Click “Insert” in the word menu bar -> click “Shape” in the Illustration tab – click “Line” in the pop-up window -> use the mouse to draw in the table.

2. Select the square that needs to be lined, right-click to select “Border and Shading”, and then select the diagonal line.

create a new word

How to combine two pages into one word document?

First we open a document:

The first method: Select the [Page Layout] option on the toolbar, select [Paper Size] from the drop-down menu, and select [A3] from the secondary menu:

Then select [Paper Orientation] under the [Page Layout] option, and change the portrait to landscape orientation:

If you think the layout is not good-looking, you can select [Columns] under the [Page Layout] option, and click [Two Columns] in the secondary menu to complete the page adjustment:

The second method: reduce the font size in the text, and change the original “four size” font to “small four”:

The third method: select all the text, right-click the pop-up menu, and select the [Paragraph] option:

 In the pop-up [Paragraph] dialog box, change [Line Spacing] to “Fixed Value”, and [Set Value] to “16”

In this way, the line spacing is reduced, and the document becomes one page.

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