Word 2010 table resizing

We’ll learn about Word 2010 table resizing. Microsoft Word allows tables to be resized to make them smaller and smaller according to your requirements.

resize table
The following steps will help you resize tables available in Word documents.

Step 1 − Place the mouse pointer on the table you want to resize. Once you move the mouse pointer into the table, a small cross icon will appear in the upper left corner and a small resize icon will appear in the lower right corner of the table, as shown below.

Word 2010 table resizing

Step 2 – Place the mouse pointer over the resize icon until it becomes a diagonal double-headed arrow, at which point you need to press the left mouse button and hold the button while resizing the table.

Word 2010 table resizing

Drag the table up to make it shorter or down to make it larger. You can drag the table diagonally to change the width and height of the table at the same time.


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