Word Create and Open Document Tutorial

Word files are called documents. Whenever you start a new project in Word, you need to create a new document, either blank or from a template. You also need to know how to open existing documents.

Watch the video below for a tutorial on creating and opening documents in Word.

The tutorial includes the following knowledge:

Create a new blank document:
When starting a new project in Word, you usually want to start with a new blank document.

Create a new document from a template:
Templates are predesigned documents that you can use to quickly create new documents. Templates often include custom formatting and designs, so they can save you a lot of time and effort when starting a new project.

Open an existing document:
In addition to creating new documents, you often need to open previously saved documents. To learn more about saving documents, visit our Saving and Sharing Documents course.

Most features in Microsoft Office, including Word, are available for saving and sharing documents online. This is done through OneDrive, the online storage space for your documents and files. If you’re using OneDrive, make sure you’re signed in to Word with your Microsoft account. Check out our course on Understanding OneDrive to learn more.

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